Buy shower doors and enclosures online custom made to your specs

Custom Shower Door Manufacturer

We manufacture shower doors to your specifications in 3 easy steps:

1. You send us your specifications and/or drawings. If you do not have drawings, our engineers will design them for you.

2. We custom manufacture your product.

3. We ship you a K.D. Kit including everything you need to install (including glass) from aluminum extrusions which are sleeved to prevent scratches in shipping to vinyl and screws. Glass can be ordered separately and shipped together in containers.

We are a manufacturer who provides custom shower doors and enclosures (both luxury and affordable) to glass businesses, glass companies and glass shops; glass installation companies; commercial glazing companies; contractors for hotels, motels and condominiums; builders and architects; apartment, home and condo builders; interior decorators and designers; plumbers and retail stores.

Are you looking for a new shower door distributor, vendor, or supplier? Contact us today for more information on doors, enclosures, and panels with chrome, brush nickel, and oil rub bronze finishes. Our unique, all-in-one method, eliminates waste and labor caused by miscalculated measurements. All of our extrusions are pre-punched and drilled. This also eliminates out-of-stock parts and gives our customers peace of mind knowing they are receiving quality materials all in the convenience of one box.